Sebastian BieniekDouble Faced, 2013


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Contravention to Instruction

Sophisticating semaphore
on risky ramparts, cautious
no, just pin me down
until you’ve found
the reason for your nexus
polluted palaver on palimpsest
My opus in your library
composed on vellum
place it in a monastery
that’ll tell ‘em
In Syracuse, I’m accused
of not permeating
what I’m antiquating
guess I’ll wait til I’m older,
just don’t harm me, soldier
just tell me, soldier
have you found all you’re looking for?
is your life an open door,
or just a cylinder inside a sphere,
just a captain in which you adhere?
or, no! just pin me down!
Oh, just pin me down!

Hymn To The Pillory - nothing

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Beggar’s Guild - Roadkill Ghost Choir

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Windshield Smasher - Black Moth Super Rainbow

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